Not "just another wedding photographer"

I work with you to bring your vision to life ;bringing a unique style and vision to your wedding day that encompasses beautiful, natural wedding photography quality.

Katie Pellegrin

Ok. You've looked scrolled through 30 photographers, why am I different? Here's the real deal. I'm a photographer, yes but really, I'm your girl. I'm not just some vendor at your wedding. I'm your firy photographer friend who: you catch dancing as she walks, hugs grandma's, high-fives uncle's, and keeps groomsmen in line with solid jokes. I capture real moments. Your wedding day is a day filled with love, happiness and never ending smiles! So, I laugh with you, yell out 'Oh that's it boo boo' from behind the lens, and make you dance because it’s simply more fun. I want you to laugh, set your quirks free, and simply let your love show.


Things I Love